Arthur Claus
Background information
Feature films Arthur Christmas
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice James McAvoy
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Arthur Claus
Other names
Personality Kind, caring, brave, unselfish, a little jumpy and clumsy
Alignment Good
Goal To get Gwen’s present at her house before sunrise (succeeded)
Home North Pole
Relatives Malcom Claus (father)
Margaret Claus (mother)
Steven Claus (older brother)
Grandsanta (grandfather)
Allies Bryony Shelfley, Peter
Enemies Lions,Man with Gun
Likes His family, Christmas, making wishes come true, children's happiness, Bryony, Santa Claus, encouraging others, helping others, writing letters, reindeer, playing the Christmas board game, and his slippers
Dislikes A child not getting his or her present, people who don’t have the Christmas spirit, children who are heartbroken, elves making fun of him, his father Insulting him, Steve's anger, people who disrespect women, heights, and liars.
Powers and abilities
Paraphernalia Slippers
Fate Becomes Santa Claus the twenty first
Quote Brilliant

Arthur Claus is the main protagonist of the 2011 Christmas film Arthur Christmas.




Arthur Christmas


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  • Arthur loves wearing Christmas sweaters.
  • Arthur's laugh is adorable.
  • Both Arthur and Steve are the only male Clauses who hadn't say anything inappropriate towards women.
  • Like Steve, Arthur also has a lava lamp Christmas tree but in his post office instead.
  • Unlike Steve; Arthur doesn’t show that much reference of his bachelor status.
  • During the the film there have been a lot of foreshadowing and hints that Arthur will become the next Santa Claus:
    • Arthur's kind, caring, unselfishness which are the personality of Santa Claus is supposed to have.
    • Arthur inherited his clumsiness, being not so bright, caring for children, and loving Christmas from his father and grandfather.
    • He reads and replies the children's letters.
    • During the dinner scene, Arthur is the only one seen wearing a red paper crown; which symbolize the new monarch.
    • In the sled barn when grandSanta introduces the great great grandchildren of the original eight reindeer to Arthur, they all went straight towards Arthur.
    • Arthur is seen wearing a plain red hoodie sweater.
    • Bryony became Arthur's assistant elf.
    • During their ride on Eve grandSanta tells Arthur that "every young heir gets to ride the sleigh by their father" and since Steve didn't ride the sleigh it was Arthur who did.
    • During watching the Sleigh Barn's surveillance video Steve slams his espresso mug with the Christmas tree logo under the freeze frame of Arthur holding Gwen's present hinting that Arthur will be the one to delivered the gift.
    • During a chat with Steve from Bryony's HOHO, Arthur is encouraging him to help them to deliver the present, which actually worked (almost). Foreshadowing not only Arthur's future status but also Steve's as well.
  • It's possible that due to reading many different letters from different countries with a language, Arthur may speak many different languages.

Cultural Reference

  • Arthur's appearance is similar to Shaggy Rogers from Hanna Barbera's Scooby Doo franchise.
    • Coincidently both can get scared easily.
  • Arthur also shares a similar appearance with Alfredo Linguini from “Ratatouille"
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