Template:Character Infobox Blue Winslow is son of Patrick and Grace.




Early Life

After Patrick Winslow and Grace Winslow said good-bye to the Smurfs, Grace gave birth to a boy who they name Blue to honor the Smurfs.

The Smurfs 2

Alvin is celebrating his 4th birthday with family and friends. After the party, he and his step-grandfather, Victor Doyle meet the Smurfs for the first time ever. He agrees with the Smurfs to help them find Smurfette in Paris, France. When they arrive at Paris, Blue's father, Patrick tells Victor and Blue to stay at the hotel while he and the Smurfs investigate what Gargamel is up. Unfortunately, Victor and Alvin arrive during Gargamel's performance and Victor gets turned into a duck by Gargamel. Later in the movie, Victor leaves after Patrick hurts his feelings and the Smurfs leave to go rescue Smurfette. After Smurfette is rescued, she meets Blue for the first time while new Smurfs, Vexy and Hackus meet Alvin and his family. When Gargamel appears, Smurfette blasts him away with the tiny dragon wand. As the Smurfs leave, Blue and his family say good-bye to them.


Blue Winslow/Gallery


  • Blue has a good relationship with Victor.
  • Blue seems to have a big interest with the Smurfs.
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