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Brent McHale
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Brent McHale is Swallow Falls' former mascot and later became Chicken Brent.



Brent was at first arrogant, and only cared about his fame for as long as he could ride it out. Initially he looked down on people he considered different such as Flint Lockwood, describing them as nerds and knocking over the pile of sardine cans he spent all afternoon stacking. Brent was gullible and childish such as always wearing a diaper even when he wasn't being his character, Baby Brent and admiring the Mayor of Swallow Falls despite his obvious manipulations and uncaring attitude towards Brent. However as Flint Lockwood's fame grew Brent became overshadowed, and he had to develop his own personality outside of Baby Brent.

After accepting himself as Chicken Brent, Brent became braver and loyal, defending Sam and Flint from man-eating chickens and working together to save the world from the FLDSMDFR.


Early Life

In his infancy Brent McHale became the official mascot of Baby Brent Sardines and quickly became considered something of a town mascot and local celebrity in Swallow Falls (and their only "celebrity"). Having acted as the company's promotional figure as a baby and appearing in all their commercials and ads gave Brent an extremely pompous and narcissistic personality.

Even after his infancy and the company's shutdown, he still played the part of Baby Brent in public and was considered a famous icon in the town beloved by all, despite the company never even using the adult Brent in any of their ads.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2


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  • Brent was Flint's enemy at first but later became friends with him.
  • In the second movie, he's now wearing a chicken suit.
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