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Cody Maverick
Background information
Feature films Surf's Up
Surf's Up 2: WaveMania
Short films
Television programs
Video games Surf's Up
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Shia LaBeouf (first film, video game)
Jeremy Shada (second film)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Cody Maverick
Other names Kid, Snowflake, Cody Macenroe
Personality Congenial, bold, protective, agreeable, kind, nice, short-tempered, humble, social, brave, serious, loving, smart
Appearance Rockhopper penguin with longer yellow feathers sprouting from his eyebrows, brown eyes
Occupation Surfer
Alignment Good
Goal To compete in the Big Z Memorial Surf off on Pen Gu Island (first film)
To join The Hang 5 (failed, second film)
Home Shiverpool, Antarctica (formerly)
Pen Gu Island (current)
Relatives Bob Maverick (father, deceased)
Edna Maverick (mother)
Glen Maverick (older brother)
Lani Aliikai (girlfriend)
Allies Chicken Joe, Big Z, J.C., Mr. McMahon, Paige, Undertaker, Hunter, Mikey Abromowitz, Arnold, Kate, Tank Evans,
Enemies Tank Evans (formerly), Reggie Belafonte
Likes Squid on sticks, Lani Aliikai, surfing, his job, friends, Big Z, The Hang 5, his friends, shrimp on sticks
Dislikes Tank Evans making fun of Big Z, danger, arrogance, danger, arrogance, his brother teasing him, Big Z giving up, Tank Evans (formerly), losing Lani, being bullied
Powers and abilities Surf skills
Fate He joins the rest of his friends in the water by surfing Big Z
Quote I don't understand why everybody have to be so judgmental. I understand why mom's judgmental. I think it's 'cause she cares, *partially*. Think it's also partially 'cause, everyone else is lookin' at her like, "Hey, Cody's just a bum." "Cody's this," "Cody's that," "Cody's this." Cody's me, bro. Let me be me. When is that going to start?

Cody Maverick is the main protagonist of the Surf's Up franchise. He is Lani's boyfriend and Chicken Joe's best friend.


Cody is a black and white Rockhopper penguin with longer yellow feathers sprouting from his eyebrows and brown eyes.

In the first film, he wears a pink and white seashell necklace with a "Z" carved into it, which was given to him by Big Z. Later, Cody throws his necklace into the ocean and in the last half of the first film and the entire second film, he is not seen wearing it.


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Early Life

First meet Big Z

Cody was born to Bob and Edna Maverick. Before Cody was born, his father was eaten by a killer whale.

When Cody was young, infamous surfer Big Z visited Antarctica. Cody made his way to the front of the group, where Big Z gave him one of his trademark necklaces. This inspired Cody to pick up surfing.

Surf's Up

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Surf's Up 2: WaveMania

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  • For reasons unknown, Cody does not wear his necklace (given to him by Big Z) in the sequel. This could be that the creators forgot to add it or Cody decided not to wear it at the time.
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