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Background information
Feature films Wish Dragon
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jimmy Wong
Ian Chen (Young)
Niu Junfeng (Mandarin dub)
Inspiration Aladdin from Disney's Aladdin
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Dan
Appearance Black hair, white Asian
Occupation Deliverer
College student
Alignment Good
Nationality China
Goal Reunite with Li Na (succeeded)
Save Long (succeeded)
Home China
Relatives Unnamed grandmother †
Mrs. Song (mother)
Allies Li Na Wang (best friend), Long, Clucky, Wei
Enemies Jimmy, Pockets and his goons
Likes Being with Li Na
Powers and abilities
Paraphernalia Long’s teapot

Din Song is the protagonist of the 2021 film Wish Dragon. He is a college student who works as a deliverer, and in the film, he attempts to reconnect with his childhood friend Li Na, who had moved away from their neighborhood ten years ago, with the help of wish-granting dragon Long.


Din is a Chinese man with a black banged hair.


Din is very protective, kind and fun loving. He is very desperate to earn money.


When he was young, he drew a dragon when he was supposed to draw a dragon symbol, so he sat out for detention. He met Li Na who also drew a dragon. When Din was bullied by a small boy named Jimmy, Li Na threw a siopao at Jimmy. Li Na and Din become best friends when Li Na decides to walk home with Din from school. They had a pet chicken named Clucky. As Clucky got old, he died by being turned into food. Then, when her father founded a successful company. Li Na moved away.

Years later, he has a job as a deliverer, and he has been cutting school recently, to plan his reunion with Li Na. He asks his new friend Wei for the assignment. He tries getting a suit on display at Nomani Fine Suits, but he winds up being rudely pushed out by a store clerk, who tells him to be realistic. As a result, he goes to a knock-off store to get a suit, which he succeeds in. He is given a teapot by an elderly man. when his mom found out that he was ditching school, he was sent to his room.

When he left the house, he touched the teapot and unleashed a dragon named Long. When Long saw Li Na again, he wished to have his friend back. Din reunited with Li Na at her party. When Din was asked for his name, he calls himself Dan. Then a date was arranged by Li Na’s father.

During their arranged date, Pockets and his goons were set to capture the teapot. After the battle, Din reveals his real name to Li Na. While Long watched TV with Din’s neighbors, Din and Li Na went on the rooftop. When Din asked Li Na out on a real date, she was called. When Din realized Pockets captured the teapot, Din tried his best to say it. When Pockets was about to defeat Din, his body turned to gold. Din kicked Pockets off and he fell to his death. When Din and Li Na went out to a restaurant together, he reunites with Long.


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  • Din is reminiscent of the titular character from the Disney film, Aladdin.
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