Template:Character Infobox Elvis is a character in the Open Season franchise. He is Elliot and Gisela's son and Giselita's younger brother, and Boog's nephew.


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Elvis is friendly, nice, caring, kind, shy, sweet, timid, good-matured, fun-loving, adventurous, generous, excitable, and energetic. Similar to his father, Elvis is dim-witted, clumsy, gullible, somewhat ignorant, and clueless, but is in special education. He can also be rather quiet and soft-spoken.

He is often taught to lie by Elliot, despite his family telling him not to. However, Elvis has no problem with this and innocently believes it to be fine. For example, Elliot said to his children that they will make an excuse and say they encountered a wild boar and a "sidekick ferret". Elvis doesn't mind this and says this to Giselita, who obviously doesn't believe him.

Sometimes, Elvis is teased by his sisters Gisela and Giselita. Despite this, all three genuinely love each other.


Early Life

Open Season 3


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  • In Open Season 3, Charlie Bright was originally going to provide the voice for Elvis, but the role was instead given to Harrison Fahn.
  • He is youngest child.
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