Template:Character Infobox Esmeralda is Quasimodo's pet rat and the secondary antagonist of Hotel Transylvania. She is always accompanying the great chef.



Hotel Transylvania

Esmeralda first appears when Quasimodo interrupts Dracula about a dish. She begins sniffing Jonathan and tells her master that he is human. Dracula quickly denies this and sends both of them off.

She and Quasimodo are search for Jonathan, plotting to capture him and turn him into human pot pie. The two succeed in kidnapping Jonathan and drag him off to the kitchen to cook him. Dracula comes and saves him, and again, tries to convince Quasimodo Jonathan is not human. Quasimodo says he'll believe him if Jonathan scares Esmeralda. Jonathan tries and fails, being scared by Esmeralda himself. Dracula freezes Quasimodo and leaves him.

Esmeralda than appears as Mavis's party, her and her master planning to reveal Jonathan is in fact human. While at first the other monsters don't believe them, Esmeralda attacks Jonathan, showing that he is a human. Her final fate is unknown.


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  • She has the same name with Esmeralda from the movie
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or Notre Dame de Paris. In the novel Esmeralda falls in love with Captain Phoebus, though is killed by a mad Priest Frollo by being hung, seeing her as a temptation of the Devil.
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