Template:Character Infobox Fifi is the main antagonist of Open Season 2 and a comic-relief and one of the supporting character of Open Season 3.




Early Life

When he was playing with his owner in their backyard one day, a ball rolled into some hedges and he ran in to get it. He started playing with it, when he suddenly noticed all of the wildlife around him. Having possibly not having any contact with wildlife before, he was terrified, and backed away from them. He ended up backing into an insect zapper, shocking the tip of his tail. This memory has traumatized him and caused him to have a hatred towards wild animals, although this hatred was toned down in the third movie.

Open Season 2

Open Season 3


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  • In Open Season 3, Fifi was once rumored to be voiced by Jeff Bennett (his voice actor in the video game adaption of the second film), but this wasn't true.
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