Template:Character Infobox The Giant Praying Mantis is a supporting antagonist in the 2015 film adaptation Goosebumps.




Early Life


It encounters R.L. Stine, Zach Cooper, Hannah Stine, and Champ. It chases the car that they are in and destroys half the town doing it. It manages to follow them to a grocery store, but they already escaped, so it destroys the car. The Giant Mantis shows up at the school and attacks a student close to the window.

The mantis, along with all the other monsters, chase the gang to the abandoned amusement park. It knocks the Ferris wheel off, with Zach, Hannah, and Champ inside, but they survive. Zach managed to finish the book just as the monsters reached them, and promptly opened it, causing a vortex to suck the mantis and all the monsters in the book.


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