Template:Character Infobox Giselita is a character in the Open Season franchise. She is one of Elliot and Giselle's daughters, Gisela's younger sister, Elvis' older sister, and one of Boog's nieces.


She is deer and has brown eyes and a black nose.


Giselita is friendly, nice, caring, kind, intelligent, adventurous, energetic, fun-loving, level-headed, and sometimes a bit sassy and sarcastic. She can devise good plans when necessary.

Giselita tends to tease her brother Elvis sometimes, but still loves him nonetheless. One example is when Elvis loses his left antler after the rabbit fight, Giselita laughs about it and tells an annoyed Elvis that their mother is going to be furious with him whilst performing the cutthroat gesture, with Elvis' excuse being that he was "attacked by a ferret" (a lie that his father told him).


Early life

Open Season 3


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  • She is eldest child.
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