Grandsanta is the deuteragonist of the 2011 Christmas film Arthur Christmas. He is the father of Malcom Claus, grandfather of Steve and Arthur Claus, and the father-in-law of Margaret Claus. He is the former Santa Claus who helps his youngest grandson, Arthur deliver a missing present to a girl named Gwen Hines before Christmas morning.




Early Life



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  • GrandSanta is the oldest member at the North Pole.
  • Even though both GrandSanta and Steve have a different ideals but both do have many similarities:
    • Both are prideful.
    • Both are militaristic.
    • Both believe their achievements go unrecognized.
    • Both are nigh impossible to be reasoned with when they decide on something.
    • Both don't like the elves very much.
    • Both are shown to be lonely (GrandSanta not having someone to hang out with and Steve not having love).
    • Both have shown that they have attracted unwanted attention from a male elf.
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