Gutsy Smurf is one of the main characters in The Smurfs and a minor character in The Smurfs 2.


He is a Smurf who is very Scottish. He dresses Scottish and can speak Scottish.


He is very close to Grouchy Smurf. He and Grouchy always seem to pick on Brainy Smurf whenever they like.


The Smurfs

The Smurfs 2

Gutsy is seen helping everyone getting ready for Smurfette's birthday party. When Smurfette is kidnapped by Gargamel, and he sees Clumsy fighting the naugthy girl Papa makes time-traveling crystals that will transport him and two other Smurfs to Patrick's apartment. Gutsy along with Brainy and Hefty Smurf were suppose to use the crystals but when Passive Aggressive Smurf chokes on the crystals, Gutsy saves him making Grouchy, and Vanity Smurf use the crystals. In the end, Gutsy welcomes Smurfette home and is fascinated by Vexy along with some other Smurfs. When Brainy examines Hackus, Gutsy tells him to kick him which he does and is impressed along with Grouchy. As they celebrate Smurfette's birthday, Gutsy is seen dancing with his fellow Smurfs.


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  • Gutsy is always thrilled for adventure.
  • In the end of "The Smurfs movie," he along with Grouchy, Brainy and Clumsy Smurf form a band called "The Brainiacs."
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