On the Message Wall, the way messages to people are entered and organized happens automatically. It functions a little bit like blog comments, except that each person involved in the conversation is notified when there is an update. This is different than a user's Talk page, where they were only notified when their own Talk page is edited. It also solves the problem of keeping the conversation in one place, instead of having to go back and forth between two or more pages.

If you need help with leaving messages and replies on the message wall, see Wikia Help's Message Wall help page. There is also some information about it on Help:Talk page.

Message Wall greeting

One feature of the Message Wall is to have a greeting at the top of the page. It can be used to pass on information that people need to see before they leave you a message.

Because this is seen at the top of your Message Wall, whatever you choose to put in your greeting needs to be kept fairly short so that people don't have to scroll down very far before they can see the messages. It also shouldn't contain information or pictures that would normally go on your Profile. The idea is to have something a little bit personalized that doesn't interfere or divert attention away from leaving messages.

Your greeting is located at: Message Wall Greeting:your name
For example, on the PF Test account, it is located at Message Wall Greeting:PF Test.


Only you can edit your greeting. If another person (other than an admin) tries to create or edit your greeting, the wiki will prevent them from doing so.

All of the links to your Talk page will automatically redirect people to the new Message Wall. At the bottom of the messages will be a link to where your Talk page has been archived (called "See archived talk page"). You will not be able to edit your Talk page once it has been archived. If you do need to edit the Talk page archive, you will have to ask an administrator to do it for you.

Need help?

If you have any questions about this, contact an administrator. The current list of administrators is:

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