Template:Character Infobox Mr. McMahon is the new character of Surf's Up 2: WaveMania and the leader of The Hang 5.


Mr. McMahon is a humanoid sea lion. He has blue hair and eyebrows. He has a peach muzzle, along with whiskers and a black nose with holes for nostrils. He has two teeth on his lower lip stick out. He has what looks like a blue flame tattoo on his chest (which is similar to a tuxedo design). He has four fingers and a thumb on each hand. He also has a tail that sits on the ground at times and four toes with white toenails on his feet.


He is very eccentric and often makes plans for his team. He is sometimes talking on his conch phone and often lets J.C. do certain things for him if he is using said phone.

He likes to drink fish's milk and has gone as far as to imagine himself drinking the milk from a fish. He hates arguments and always tries to stop them from happening. He is a congenial fellow and is wise most of the time. He is always good mannered and can be serious when he does important things.


Early Life

Surf's Up 2: WaveMania

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  • Mr. McMahon and Paige are the only members of The Hang 5 who are not penguins.
  • Mr. McMahon is the only member of the Hang 5 who is not a bird.
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