Template:Character Infobox Odile Anjelou is an executive of Anjelou, a French cosmetics company and is the boss of Patrick Winslow.



She is tough, demanding, and unpredictably impulsive.


The Smurfs

Odile fires her Vice President and hires Patrick Winslow to come up with a suitable, advertising campaign for her company's latest product within two days, telling him to give her what she wants instead of what she's asking for. She encountered Gargamel who followed the Smurfs through New York City after entering a portal during a blue moon. While testing one of her products on her mother, Gargamel restored her youth by using a formula made by Smurf essence. Eager to get her hands on the formula, she takes Gargamel out to lunch to offer whatever he wants. However, Gargamel was arrested after chasing the Smurfs in FAO Schwarz and Odile never contacted him again.

During the Smurfs' brief stay with Patrick Winslow, he was inspired by the image of a blue moon to use that for the promotional campaign, only to second-guess himself and create a different image which he intended to send to Odile. Unfortunately, on the night that Patrick was supposed to send the other image to Odile through email, Clumsy Smurf accidentally caused the original design to be sent in its place, which ended up on electronic billboard displays the following day. Odile was displeased with the mix-up and warned Patrick to fix the mess or he's fired. However, during a promotional party she held on the night the Smurfs would open up the portal to return to their own time, she and her party guests witnessed the moon magically turning blue due to the spell cast upon it. It was from this that Odile had a change of heart about the promotional campaign and called Patrick to thank him for the idea.


  • Odile seems to have a French accent in the movie
  • Odile was called Cruella De Odile by Patrick which is similar to Cruella De Vil.
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