Pet Paradiso (Spanish)
Pet Paradise (English)
Pet paradiso.png
The entrance and parking.


Open Season 2, Open Season 3 (mentioned)


Water park and resort


Clackamas County, Oregon, USA


Boog, Elliot, Giselle, Mr. Weenie, Fifi, Roberto, Stanley, Roger, Rufus, Charlene, McSquizzy, Rico, Mrs. Schlapiano, Bobbie, Bob, Serge, Deni, Buddy

Pet Paradiso (Spanish for Pet Paradise) is a location in Open Season 2. It is a vacation spot for all kinds of pets, including Fifi and his gang.


In the film, Boog, Elliot, and the wilds went there to save Mr. Weenie, which eventually resulted in their covers getting blown and then breaking out into a whole big fight for the shock collar remote Fifi used to kill Elliot and Giselle (whom he had tied up in his lair).


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