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Peter is a supporting character of the 2011 film Arthur Christmas. He is an elf who serves as an assistant to Steven Claus whom Peter greatly admires.





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  • In the "Art of making Arthur Christmas film", Peter was going to have a mole on his right cheek.
  • Many fans find him a creep and a pervert.
  • It is unknown how Peter got the job to be Steve's assistant elf, probably Peter was the only elf to apply for the job.
  • Peter is hinted to be gay. As he is seen to be infatuated with Steve.
  • Peter has unrequited love for Steve.
  • We see Peter throwing flirtation towards Steve but does not reply (showing us that Peter can't even take a hint).
  • In a furniture DFS commercial in 2012 the year Arthur Christmas dvd was going to be release. Peter is seen in the commercial while wearing a red beanie hat and during the commercial using real humans dressed up as elves are seen making pieces for furniture, one of the male elves is seen holding a mistletoe above his head right next towards another male elf (whom is minding his own business) is creeped out by this. This is a reference of Peter who is gay and keeps on harassing Steve.

Cultural Reference

  • Peter shares the name with an elf from the 2003 film "Elf".
  • The way Peter is always so flirtatious towards Steve but finds it annoying is a reference of gay sidekicks of the main villain always tries to be flirty to him or her but doesn't like it and gets annoyed by it.
  • Peter shares many similarities with Mort character from DreamWorks franchise Madagascar:
    • Both are infatuated with their boss
    • Both seem to be obsessed with a particular body part of their boss: Peter holding Steve's hand and Mort touching King Julian's feet.
    • Both are labeled as the "buttkisser".
    • Both have been labeled as the "pervert" by fans.
    • Both Steve and King Julian find them useful sometimes but at the same time they find them creepy and annoying.
    • Both will have dreams of having a romantic relationship with their boss.
    • Both will do whatever it takes to win their boss's love ( though in reality it's never gonna happen)
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