Template:Character Infobox Queen Victoria is the main antagonist of The Pirates! Band of Misfits.



She has a bad temper when she hates pirates. Queen Victoria loves to eat animals that are rare. She lied to Charles Darwin for falling in love with her. She tricked the captain by getting the dodo bird from him.


Early Life

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Queen Alexandrina Elizabeth Christina Victoria is the queen of London and has a severe hatred of pirates. She is also the leader of a secret party of world leaders who join together every year to eat the rarest of creatures. She was later applauding with the other audience members to see the Pirate Captain (disguised as a scientist) become a great scientist.

The Pirate Captain has been pardoned by Queen Victoria, so which means that the Pirate Captain cannot win the Pirate of the Year awards, thus making him lose the license of swashbuckling. Then, she also was seen capturing Polly (the last dodo bird) with the other world leaders to eat all the rarest animals on the QV1. She almost had beheaded Polly, but Mr. Bobo saves her to disrupt the meal. Then, the Pirate Captain and his crew have a confrontation with her to keep Polly alive, making her get stranded on an island. Near the end of the film, the other rare animals decide to eat Queen Victoria.


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  • Queen Victoria is the first Sony Pictures Animation character to be a female antagonist, followed by Smiler from The Emoji Movie.
  • The real Queen Victoria didn't actually hate pirates, in fact the Golden Age of Piracy was over by that time.
  • She is voiced by Imelda Staunton, Who is also portrayed as Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter.
  • In reality, Queen Victoria died on January 22, 1901 at Osborne House, East Cowes, United Kingdom, at the age of 81, one of the queens royal retreats.
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