Template:Character InfoboxRoger is one of the supporting protagonists of the Open Season franchise.


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Roger has a weird personality. He doesn't seem to pay hardly any attention to his surroundings. For example, in Open Season 2, he was first seen resting on the middle of the road while Fifi's owner calls him a dumb cat and yells at him to get out of the road. Afterwards, Roger listens to Fifi's tale with the other pets, only to randomly say he wants a girlfriend.

While meeting Mr. Weenie, Roger was walking with an unnamed black labrador. Then he runs into Pet Paradiso and was changing colors, from orange to black.

In Open Season 3, when the group of dogs and cats are on a bridge over the highway, Roger is unaware of what the others are doing and randomly knocks all the others off the bridge (along with himself) while yelling out, "Group hug!".


Early Life

Open Season 2

Open Season 3


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