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Surf's Up 2: WaveMania is an American direct-to-video computer-animated comedy film directed by Henry Yu. It is a sequel to the 2007 film, Surf's Up.


Cody Maverick, Lani Aliikai, Chicken Joe, and Tank Evans team up with The Hang 5 in a journey to a mysterious surf spot to ride a 50 ft rogue wave.



Since the release of the original, Mario Cantone, Jon Heder and Shia LaBeouf from the film had mentioned the possibility of a sequel several times. On March 1, 2016, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that it had partnered with WWE Studios for a Surf's Up sequel. Henry Yu was hired as the director of the film, making this his directorial debut while Abdul Williams was tapped to write the screenplay.

The project was initiated by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which inquired with Sony for a possible project that would help expand their brand and reach a new generation of audiences. According to Yu, WWE thought that Surf's Up had "a really fun vibe. It's really light-hearted. It's got a lot of goofy, cartoony fun." He also remarked that the film is "about surfing – it's about sports. So we thought it was a natural fit." All character designs had to be approved by WWE.


Produced by Sony Pictures Animation and WWE Studios, the film was released on January 17, 2017 on DVD and digital media.



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