The movie starts focusing on Bird Island and then it enters it entirely, showing Red running in a tropical jungle with a wooden egg container, which he gets injured several times by hitting branches, even having a snake tied to him, a spider almost bite him in a fallen log and then try to swim, which a fish gets stuck on his bum. He reaches to the door of house and Timothy opens it, Red dresses himself as a clown and accidentally scares him and then Edward comes blaming him (on purpose) that he was late even though he was almost on time. He offers him cake but they refuse because there was a squirrel in it. After getting extremely furious with Edward complaining, Red throws the cake on his face and dresses him as a clown, Eva, Edward's wife, gets disgusted with this and demands him to go away, Red insists on staying and asks them to get a bit of the cake on Edward's face and almost leaves, but slips on the squirrel and the family tries to keep him from falling on an egg, but [./ Timothy] stops to eat a piece of cake and makes Red break the egg, revealing that the hatchling was a boy.

The movie then starts with the credits, showing about Red's anger, which shows part of his life when he gets angry. He first gets angry with [./ Alex] was bumping his belly on him. Then, the [./ Mime] interrupts his comic book reading, which he punches the Mime on the belly. Then it shows birds mocking him with eyebrows in preschool which he tries to get angry but cries. Then a young small bird is playing soccer on his house which he kicks him away into the sea. Then [./ Cyrus] is sneezing on his popcorn during a movie in the cinema, which he dumps the popcorn bag on him. [./ Dr. Wingstein] was testing his reflexes with a hammer but he slaps him. Then in the park, three female birds are flirting which he thinks that it's for him but it's actually for [./ Brad], which steps on him and he gets angry, kicking his lunchbox but slipping. Then it shows an egg in a lost and found section, which [./ Red] punches off it, revealing him as a a hatchling.

Then, it shows [./ Bird Village], which the birds are going to [./ Bird Court]. [./ Eva] is telling about how [./ Red] destroyed the egg hatching moment, but Red disagrees and says they didn't accept the job he was doing, [./ Judge Peckinpah] then starts talking about how the birds are happy and tells a joke, which [./ Red] thinks it isn't funny, then Judge Peckinpah then starts to talk about his angry is a problem in society, and tells him that birds may say hello to him when walking by, but that doesn't mean they actually like him. Hurt at first, Red then gets angry and reveals his secret to everyone; that he uses [./ Cyrus] to fake his height under a robe. Angry with that, Judge Peckinpah gives a punishment for Red as to attend the Anger Management at the Infinity Acceptance Center, and Red is left shocked.

Red then goes to the Infinity Acceptance Center, and doesn't give other birds a warm welcome walking by after what Peckinpah revealed. [./ Early Bird] asks how he was a doing and he responds that he was doing horrible, while [./ Stella] says that it's nice to meet him but Red says that he can't say the same. Red reaches the a part where there are a bunch of hatchling passing with their mothers and [./ Monica] is preventing him from walking, Red waits until they finish but [./ Shirley], an old bird, walks very slowly to the finish, making it harder for Red to reach the center. It finishes and Red passes by a salon where feathers get on his face by a bird cleaning it, [./ Mime] mocks him and then he passes by [./ Hug Trader], that wanted to give him a hug but [./ Red] refused, as he was weirded out.

He then reaches the center, which he finds [./ Billy], a sign, that was making annoying sounds. At first he brushes it aside but after being hit by it, he fights it and destroys it. When he enters the center, he finds [./ Matilda], that is a quite annoying and attempting upbeat teacher and she shows him his classmates: Chuck, that was filed for mocking the police bird [./ Bill Beakins] and stealing his wallet and using the money to buy stuff from stores, or even possibly doing a #2 on his head, [./ Bomb], that was filed for blowing up at wrong hours and [./ Terence], that was filed for an unknown serious crime.

They start making yoga, [./ Chuck] did it really well, [./ Red] couldn't do it easily and required the help of [./ Matilda], [./ Terence] was doing it well despite his size and [./ Bomb] exploded due to the pose. [./ Red], [./ Chuck] and [./ Bomb] walked back to their houses, [./ Chuck] invited his friends to go to the Museum Of Happines with a new happiness exibit, but Red didn't want and walked to his house. When he was passing, Hug Trader tried to give him a hug but Red again refused, some birds invited to drink with him and Red seemed to enjoy but it was actually for [./ Brad] again, he then passes by the blue birds' house which he sees the blue bird [./ Olive] with an egg and her husband [./ Greg] was hugging it, expecting children.

Red then went to his house and saw the Mighty Eagle poster, which he remembered about a day at kindergarten that his teacher took him and the others to teach them about the statue of [./ Mighty Eagle], [./ Red] asked him if Mighty Eagle was ever going to come back and a female kid bird asks him if his parents ever told him that Mighty Eagle wasn't real, while another female kid bird tells her that Red doesn't have parents, or even friends at that matter, causing him to cry. Red then builds a model of his house and tries to see how it would look like in the village and then looks at the sky, sad.

A ship then comes and someone says Ha, ha! Eureka! while aiming a telescope at [./ Bird Island]. The birds are then going to work, Red is going back to the anger management class, which was about reading their poems. Bomb's poem was deep and touching, Red didn't write one and Chuck was reading about a crime committed to his creation [./ Billy] by a bird with red feathers, Red tries to ignore it and says Terence did it but the birds knew Red did it, so [./ Terence] punches him to a wall for giving them a false lead. [./ Stella] warns everyone that something is coming and they quit the lesson, while the other birds were stepping on Billy and destroying him even more, causing [./ Red] to think of them as hypocrites. All the birds go to the beach.

At the beach, the birds watch a ship come, the ship tries to deck on the beach and Red tries to prevent it from destroying his house and it barley touches it, but a stone anchor destroys the upper left part, Red gets shocked seeing the pieces of his house, that took 5 years to build. The doors of the ship opens, revealing [./ Leonard] , a pig, and his assistant [./ Ross], also a pig. The pigs greet the birds, Leonards gives the birds presents and Ross hugs them, Red asks if they are going to cause more destruction and Judge Peckinpah gets embarrassed with him, or even worried that he could be right, while Leonard thinks he needs a basket. Judge Peckinpah greets the pigs and shakes hands with [./ Leonard].

At night, Stella and [./'s_Flock her friends] are making a presentation to the pigs. Red, Chuck and Bomb are seen sitting by the same table, while watching the show. Red sees that the pigs are a threat. [./ Leonard] starts his show and explodes the show stage, making Red more sure of his conclusion that they want to destroy the village. Leonard then presents the trampoline with [./ Oinky] and [./ John Hamm] and then presents the slingshot, which he slings fruits to the birds, [./ Hal] tries to get some by using [./ Bubbles] as a platform but he tackles them away, while [./ Chuck] and [./ Bomb] get fruit, Red says to them that they already had these fruits on the plate next to them. Leonard then starts to asks for a volunteer to launch off the slingshot, all birds wave their wings up but [./ Leonard] chooses Red, who was annoyed by him, and fires him to the beach.

Red hits a rock and sees the ship, the [./ Porkchop Express] and thinks it's good to explore it. Chuck comes and helps Red, Bomb soon comes later. They find a lot of stuff in the ship, like dynamite and [./ TNT], trampolines, clothes, vehicles and then Bomb accidentally breaks thru the floor of the trampoline room, revealing a lot of other pigs. Red comes back to the presentation and reveals to everyone the pigs' secret that they had more units and soldiers and that they were trying to level the birds' village, all the birds begin to grow suspicious of him, but [./ Leonard] starts to tell a false emotional story and they resume the show.

It then shows how Red's life is now boring, with the show's lights trying to blind him, the pigs eating all the food and ruling the village with their vehicles, and [./ Earl] and the country pigs were singing the song "Friends". [./ Stella] is showing the pigs about the points of interest on [./ Bird Island]. [./ Matilda] is teaching the birds to paint their pain, Chuck paints him as a superhero, [./ Bomb] paints the canvas by painting him and bumping into it, [./ Terence] paints the Creation Of Adam but with him on the ground and [./ Matilda] as the holy figure visiting him, Matilda gets scared with Terence's interests of her. Leonard sees an egg and imagines himself with it, making a picnic and seeing clouds. He sees Red's painting and Red shows it, which was a bunch of torture towards Leonard such as shocking him, throwing him to a waterfall, killing him with an octopus, toasting him as barbecue and slinging him off of Earth, all being revenge for his torments. Leonard says that the paintings are ''good'' and makes a joke about him always being angry.

Red then asks if they are going to keep or to stay because other ships of pigs were coming and that they may be criminals escaping, questioning if they really were explorers. [./ Judge Peckinpah] grows annoyed as he doesn't know how to greet visitors and that he is making them uncomfortable, Red then says that it's him that is doing that instead. Red begins to talk to the Mighty Eagle statue that he could help at this time and gets an idea, he invites Chuck and Bomb to search about Mighty Eagle and see if he can help about the pigs. Meanwhile, the pigs are testing a zip-line which [./ Foreman Pig] says that it's flawless. Red says that the only one who can help is Mighty Eagle and Bomb imagines him as a strong comic book character that destroys everything and can make a volcano out of his mountain, while Chuck imagines him as a rockstar that the female birds love, so they agree.

They climb the mountains, dive into the rivers, enter the forests, somehow end up in the ocean, while Chuck and Bomb are making Mighty Eagle noises. They climb up the mountain but it's revealed that Mighty Eagle's den is at the another mountain. So they make the process again for days, with Chuck and Red having to go back to get a complaining Bomb, who almost walks off the mountain. They find Mighty Eagle's den and Chuck and Bomb start to drink and dive in the lake of it, thinking it was water of wisdom, until [./ Mighty Eagle] comes and they hide behind a rock. Mighty Eagle starts peeing on the lake and the birds get disgusted, Bomb and Chuck specifically. Mighty Eagle then asks them if they came to see him or they have something to say. They get into the cave and Mighty Eagle starts to show them his trophies and products.

Meanwhile, Leonard is giving the birds more presents. Mighty Eagle starts to sing with the birds his song. After they sing it, Red tries to asks him about the pigs but he goes away. Red goes to see him and he was watching [./ Shirley] take a mud bath, Red says that it's disgusting and views the pigs pouring explosives into the buildings and stealing eggs. Red demands Mighty Eagle to fly them down to the village but Mighty Eagle doesn't do that anymore, Red says that he believed in him and on his protection and goes away with his friends, saying that Mighty Eagle is no hero. While Mighty Eagle his hiding his real reasons for laziness.

At the disco, the [./ Daft Piggies] stop their job and quit the tent, while the birds are having fun. Red, Chuck and Bomb arrive back at the village and see the Acrobat Pigs stealing the eggs, they go more further and see Leonard escaping with an egg and saying that it was on time, most of the village is demolished and many cars almost run over them, Red demands Chuck to warn the birds and he and Bomb rescue the eggs. Chuck warns all the birds but they don't believe him and ignore his warnings. Red and Bomb get on the net of eggs and Red demands Bomb to explode the chains while the pigs were throwing objects, he tries to do it but fails, more with the fact that the pigs were pouring water with waterguns at the them. They fall in the water then fall in the water, yet they still continue their rescue. Leonard demands a pig to fire a fire plunger with a crossbow, which launches the Mighty Eagle statue at the them, but they successfully avoid it.

At day, the birds of the village see the destruction of their homes and that the eggs were gone. [./ Judge Peckinpah] forgives [./ Red]. The birds hail them as the leader of the flock, so Red steps up and claims that the birds must act. They start having anger lessons and built a wooden boat with remains. They aboard the boat. Meanwhile, Leonard is decelerated King Mudbeard and announces the eggs to the pigs. The birds pass by fog and destroyed ships and reach the [./ Piggy Island]beach. The birds put the slingshot and Red asks who wants to be slung first, Bomb wants to but Matilda is launched. She flies above [./ Earl] and a group of country pigs seating on TNT, she drops an [./ egg-shaped fireball] at them and she is launched to a building. They then launch [./ Hal] but he only defeats a Fancy Pig and boomerangs back to a tree.

Then they launch [./ Cyrus], who sneezes at [./ Red], destroys some houses but bumps into a Calvin Swine billboard and they then launch [./ Mime]. [./ Leonard] sees Red and his flock attacking, and demands all the pigs to search for birds and that they are going to eat eggs for lunch. Red and his friends then launch [./ Bubbles] and he inflates a bunch of pigs away, [./ Stella] goes next and she does parkour on houses and takes down some pigs, but then falls on the street.

Meanwhile, [./ Mighty Eagle] tries to fly but falls down. [./ Red] goes next and he demands Terrence to pull him at a far distance and to be fired at boulders, he is launched and successfully enters the castle. [./ Leonard] notices and demands [./ Soldier Pigs] to capture Red, but Red hides on a painting and fools the pigs. Other Soldier Pigs come with eggs and hides them in a room, writing on the door that there are no eggs there. Chuck then follows and gets launched into the castle and through a kitchen with cakes, a room with cactuses, a room with swords and then fire arcs, he then gets injured and Red finds him. Bomb is launched next and also infiltrates the castle but gets stuck in a wall. Leonard, noticing that three birds have made it into his castle, demands the pilot pigs to fly the planes and prevent the birds from destroying the city.

Terence sees this and tries to destroy the planes himself, but he accidentally destroys the slingshot. Red and Chuck start to search for the room with eggs. The planes continue to fly. Red and Chuck find Bomb, taking him off the wall, they go to a balcony where they find the pigs guarding the eggs, Red devises a plan, only for chuck Chuck to make paint fall on a pig, a pig's lips be pulled and a pig be punched, which he takes a picture in not even a second. Everything happens all at once, making the pigs think that it was one of them that did everything and chase him.

The birds infiltrate the room with the net of eggs but it's pulled up to the kitchen. Red grabs the net and Chuck and Bomb try to infiltrate to the dining room. Chuck runs into a pipe in means of saving Red. Meanwhile, [./ Foreman Pig] presses the button on a control to make the net fall but Red tackles him through the window of the castle and grabs the control, punching the button and pulling the eggs up. Bomb pushes Chuck to the pipe and blows the pipe, launching Chuck through the vents. Mighty Eagle comes and Red demands him to come, Mighty Eagle breaks into the kitchen but slips on the table, bumping into the cauldron and fainting. Red wakes him up and Bomb and Chuck come. Red demands Mighty Eagle to grab the eggs and he does so, Chuck opens the door while Bomb takes the table away. Just as they are about to escape, Leonard grabs Red's leg, which makes an egg pop out of the net from the pressure and back into the castle. Red decides to risk his life and go back into the castle, much to the horror of Chuck and Bomb.

[./ Mighty Eagle], [./ Bomb] and [./ Chuck] are flying with the eggs but there are planes following them, the other birds are running to escape. Leonard tries to take the egg that rolled back inside, but Red takes it. Leonard demands him to give it but Red refuses, despite him being surrounded by many pigs. Suddenly, the cauldron falls with boiling water, making them escape. Red and Leonard are catapulted by the table and grab into the chandelier, while the other pigs run out of the room. Meanwhile, a lot of plungers are being throw to Mighty Eagle, Bomb jumps off the net and tries to blow up the ram. Matilda and the other birds get into the center of the city, which there a pigs trying to prevent them, [./ Matilda] launches fireballs at them and defeats the pigs. Bomb tries to think of things to explode, he thinks of surprise parties, yoga poses and then pigs in airplanes, which causes a huge explosion and he is launched flying, being happy that he blew up on purpose as he flies by Chuck and Mighty Eagle.

Leonard tries to take the egg away from [./ Red] but he makes the chandelier fall with them with it, crashing through a lot of floors, while destroying a pig's sandwich and helping a pig from get many strikes in bowling. Matilda and the birds continue running and a truck strikes by and analyses them, showing that the driver is [./ Terence] and he demands them to get in it, helping them escape. Red wakes up in a room full of dynamite and finds the egg, he tries to get it but Leonard gets it first. Leonard gets a candle and tries to boil it. Red looks at the ceiling and sees that the cauldron is falling, Leonard mocks him and he thinks of his sad past of being left out, abandoned, and teased. However, he remembers what Peckinpah told him, anger isn't the answer to everything. Red sighs and says that the plan was good and that he was defeated. Leonard gets cocky from the compliment and steps forward, but Red takes a [./ TNT] crate off the stack of dynamite and makes Leonard slip. The candle falls near dynamite and sets it off.

Red sees this and makes off with the egg. Leonard arrives from the TNT, very irritated, and tries to catch him but the cauldron falls on Red and leaves Leonard alone in the middle of the explosion. [./ Pig City] explodes and the birds, Mighty Eagle and Chuck escape. Mighty Eagle drops the eggs and faints. [./ Greg] and [./ Olive] see the eggs and the birds go to get them. All the birds get their eggs but the blue birds parents can't find theirs, leaving them distraught. Bomb and Chuck notice that Red is gone and turn back to the demolished city with everyone else, causing them to think he did not survive. [./ Timothy] 's brother calls for him once seeing him emerge from the rubble and the birds are happy to see that he is alive. Red shows the now broken egg, but [./ Jim, Jay and Jake] come out and Chuck and Bomb run to see him. Red and his friends come with the egg and he gives with to Olive and Greg and they thank them. Mighty Eagle greets Red, Chuck and Bomb and say that he was making them lose faith on him so they could see faith on themselves and hugs them.

The birds return home and rebuild the village. Red, Chuck and Bomb are seeing the brand new Mighty Eagle Statue and then the bird show Red his new house, with Judge Peckinpah greeting him back to the village and all birds cheering for him. The Blues come with the other hatchlings and sing the Mighty Eagle song to him but replacing the word Eagle with Red, with [./ Terence] singing the last part of the song and [./ Matilda] loving it. The three main birds start to talk and Red says that he is going to miss the beach view but Chuck says that he will see him and Bomb every time he wakes up but [./ Red] the door on them. Bomb and Chuck get disappointed and go to their houses, but Red says that he was just kidding and invites them in as his besties. Chuck and Bomb get excited as they start to live together.

After this, Mighty Eagle puts a disk on his disk player and everyone starts to dance, Leonard says that he can't dance because he is hatching a new plan but dances later. As a post-credits scene, [./ The Blues] leave their houses and find the slingshot, slinging them far away.

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