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The ChubbChubbs! is a 2002 computer-animated short produced by Sony Pictures Imageworks. It was produced by Jacquie Barnbrook, directed by Eric Armstrong, and written by Jeff Wolverton.


Meeper, the janitor of an alien pub called the Ale-E-Inn, has higher aspirations—a karaoke performer. After he accidentally electrocutes a singer, he is ejected from the pub. Outside, he is told by an incautious Gungan that "The ChubbChubbs are coming!" Meeper sees aircraft land in the distance, and huge, weapon-bearing monsters exit the craft. He assumes these are the ChubbChubbs.

Meeper rushes to warn the pub, and some chicks he finds pecking at the ground outside, but each of his attempts further injures the singer. The patrons are finally warned by a different visitor. The pub is emptied, and everyone takes off into the night, leaving Meeper behind. The monsters are almost at the pub. Meeper hides the chicks under his bucket in an attempt to save them, and then launches into a rendition of Why Can't We Be Friends? until, caught up in the song, he trips over the bucket, revealing the chicks. The monsters flee, screaming, "It's the ChubbChubbs!" The chicks reveal their razor sharp teeth and devour the monsters, who are actually known as Zyzaks. They gather around Meeper, who says, "So... You guys into Karaoke?"

As the credits roll, Meeper and the ChubbChubbs sing a rewrite of Aretha Frankin's Respect in the pub. When the song is finished, there is dead silence. The ChubbChubbs glare and reveal their teeth, and the crowd hastily bursts into applause.


  • Brad Simonsen as Meeper
  • Jeff Wolverton as the ChubbChubbs
  • Mortonette Jenkins as Singing Diva
  • Peter Lurie as Zyzaks
  • Rick Zieff as Bouncer
  • Dustin Adair, Eric Armstrong, Yakov Baytler, Mary Biondo, Sumit Das, Layne Friedman, Robert Gordon, Sully Jacome-Wilkes, Franco Pietrantonio, Rick Richards, Chance Thomas, Julie Zackary as Glorfs
  • Evan Wu as Various aliens