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The ChubbChubbs Save Xmas is a 2007 computer-animated short film produced by Sony Pictures Animation. The film is a successor to the 2002 animated short film by The ChubbChubbs! by Sony Pictures Imageworks.


Meeper and the ChubbChubbs want a home for Christmas, but when they land on Earth, they fall on and injure Santa. The sake of the holiday is in Meeper's hands. Meanwhile, a mean little boy named Brad hacks the website and puts him on Santa's nice list when he finds out he is naughty. This causes Meeper to think that he is a nice boy. When Meeper gets to the house, one of the ChubbChubbs is taken by Brad. Puzzled, Brad tries to find the opening for batteries when he puts it in the wrong place. Brad then finds out the ChubbChubb is an alien, which proceeds to try to hurt him. Then a breaking newscast headlines the witnessing of an alien being on Earth, then the Meeper finds out and picks up the biggest ChubbChubb. The creatures finally get their wish....a trailer, but the ChubbChubbs eat the house, causing them to go back home.



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