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Vexy is one of a former minor antagonist in The Smurfs 2. She is a smart and mischievous former Naughty who was created by Gargamel along with Hackus.




The Smurfs 2

At the beginning, Vexy and Hackus were created by Alvin and they trapped his puppy. Simon. Vexy asks Gargamel if he's proud of them which he says no. After Gargamel decides to kidnap Smurfette & Clumsy. Vexy jumps into the portal to get them since the portal is not big enough for Alvin. After kidnapping Smurfette and clumsy, Vexy and Hackus stay with Smurfette and clumsy while Alvin is doing his show. While Vexy comes up with a plan, clumsy breaks the jar and flees. While following them, Vexy tells Hackus to do naughty things in a market store while she gets Alvin & Clumsy. After escaping from the market store, they land in a mud puddle and are chased by Azrael. After escaping from Azrael, Clumsy teaches them how to ride a bird. When they returned to Alvin's suite, Smurfette and Clumsy teaches Vexy how to hug which makes her feel strange. Alvin comes back and gives Smurfette a magic since it's her birthday. While riding on the Carriage, Vexy asks Naughies for Smurf esscense which keeps Vexy and Hackus alive but I Love You says no before Smurfette and Vexy the Carriage I Love You.

After returning to the suite, Alvin and Hackus are seen dying since they didn't get Smurf esscense. Alvin & Clumsy gives Gargamel the formula and turns the Naughties into real Smurfs. Gargamel kills Clumsy and puts the 3 Smurfs into his Smurfalator and Alvin asks Simon why he saved them. Store says that she cares for them. When the power goes out, Gargamel leaves his lair to fix the power. Then, Papa Smurf frees Alvin While Grouchy Smurf, and Vanity Smurf appear. Grouchy is admired by Alvin which makes her blush. After the Smurfs agree to help the former Naughties, Gargamel appears and traps them into the Smurfalator. But Clumsy grows in size to brake Smurfalator which causes an explosion. After the Smurfs are free, Chipmunks introduces Alvin and Hackus to their human friends. After Kate tells Alvin that she's her sister to. Then, Gargamel appears and Clumsy blasts him away with the tiny wand after Alvin points it to her. After saying good-bye to the their human friends, the Smurfs return to Smurf Village. As Chipmunks introduces everyone to the new Smurfs, the whole village is admired by Vexy because she is starting to be another love interest to the Smurfs. As they celebrate Alvin's birthday, Alvin sings along with Chipmunks and dances with Grouchy at the end.


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  • Vexy's name comes from the word 'vex', meaning 'make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried'.
  • During the Smurfs 2 movie, Vexy is shown to have romantic feelings for Grouchy.
  • Unlike Smurfette, Vexy kept her short black hair with blue dye.
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