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Background information
Feature films Vivo
Short films
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Lin-Manuel Miranda
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Vivo Lorenzo Hernández
Other names Noisy the Singing Rat (by Lutador)
Goal Deliver Andrés' song to Marta (succeeded)
Home Amazon, Brazil (birthplace)
Cuba, Havana (formerly)
Florida, Key West (currently)
Relatives Andrés Hernández (former owner) †
Gabriela Hernández (current owner)
Allies Gabriela Hernández, Rosa Hernández, Marta Sandoval, Dancarino, Valentina, The Sand Dollars
Enemies Lutador
Likes Music, Mangoes
Dislikes Croqueta, Lutador, Gabi (formerly)
Powers and abilities
Fate Stays with Gabi in Florida and continues his performances

Vivo Lorenzo Hernández is the titular protagonist of the 2021 animated film Vivo.


Vivo has brown eyes, a light purple face and a pink nose. Vivo's coat is yellow and his hands, feet and tail are shades of strong purple. He also wears a white hat that has a green stripe. and a green bandana around his neck.


Vivo is a very skilled and loyal character. He has been shown to be capable of thinking quickly in difficult situations. Vivo can also be a bit skittish at times, being startled easily and not being fond of the loud music in Gabi's song My Own Drum. He also flirts with a cat briefly in Havana, Cuba.


Early Life

It is implied in the first song of the movie (One of a Kind) that Vivo was born in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, however accidentally fell into a shipping crate as a baby, left his own family behind and was taken to Havana, Cuba. Almost immediately after arriving, he was chased by hungry dogs and seeked refuge in a tree, where Andres soon came along and helped him by soothing Vivo with his guitar until he came down.

Andres then fully adopted Vivo, taking him to his apartment and gaining his trust through showing him music. At some point, once he was comfortable, Andres and Vivo started doing shows in the plaza to earn money. They became very well known and popular with the locals, performing up to 5 shows a day.


Sometime in the middle of June, Vivo and Andrés Hernández do their final known show, singing, "One Of A Kind", where Vivo also sings about how he got to Cuba within the song. Later in the evening, when they are eating mangoes, Montoya delivers a letter from Marta Sandoval, and in the letter, she says that she wants to see Andres again. Vivo and Andres argue (which does nothing, as Vivo can't be understood by Andres), and he leaves, but then comes back after he reflects. Later in the night, he packs the suitcase for him.

The next day, Vivo tries to apologize to Andres, but he is dead (shown off-screen). The wind takes the song, while Vivo chases the song and barely saves it from water. He attends Andres' funeral, which is where he meets Gabriela Hernández and Rosa Hernández. Gabi tries to coax him into her backpack, and he runs off again just as Rosa is finishing her speech. The next day, he starts to sing about how he must get the song to Marta, and how he laments his late friend's death, ending on a bridge. While Gabi and Rosa are talking with Montoya, he sees an empty suitcase, which he enters and is then crushed by an accordian.


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